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Small-sided games = super-sized results

Kids and coaches alike love small-sided games. WHY? Well if you ever need a reminder, here are seven reasons why you should be including them in every one of your training sessions.
1) Going to goal, touch line or End Zone – most young players will tell you that the best feeling in soccer is scoring a goal or scoring a point, and there are always plenty of scoring chances through small-sided games. Opportunities present themselves regularly and players can quickly perfect their technique in front of goal or point area.
2) Top technique – played in a small area with good passing and control being a real advantage, small-sided games are brilliant for player technique.
3) Fitness fans – small-sided games are played at a high tempo, and require an abundance of energy. They provide the best way for players to get into shape.
4) Touch and go – involvement is essential in youth soccer, and there’s no hiding during small-sided games.
5) Simply the best – small-sided games encourage players to do the simple things well... short passes, receiving and turning, finding space, looking up.
6) Keeping cool – players need to know how to react in tight situations because, even in full-size pitch scenarios, changes in play come about frequently. Small-sided games provide a great rehearsal for such situations.